979 So What’s New With Me?

Well last weekend I accompanied Julie and Dan up to my sister and brother in law’s house in upstate New York.

My sister is regular. My brother in law, not so much. He spends a whole lot of time saving the planet.

I’m surprised they have any garbage at all. There is nothing he doesn’t re-use. He even cleans up the piss that Julie’s dog made (Julie’s dog loves to piss) and squeezes the sponge out in a plant.

I happen to love him like crazy so don’t think I’m criticizing. Calling someone a whacko good citizen isn’t a criticism. Not totally.

We all had a wonderful time too. Here’s some photos. Most of them are of dogs.

Julie’s dogs exhausted from the trip.


Charlie, new rescue



Vinnie. He has a sister but she doesn’t photograph well.


Marcia and Paul (my brother in law who will probably take that crossword puzzle and make a  hat out of it.)

I also spoke to my ex neighbor David last week.

When he lived in New York I thought he was a scream because I thought there was no one else like him but since trump became president (no capital letters for him either) I stopped laughing.

Talking to him the other day was enlightening though.

He didn’t vote for trump.

He thinks trump is crazy.

He believes in some gun control. Not as much as me but…..

Don’t get me wrong. He’s still a right winged bigot asshole but I guess it takes all kinds.

I really miss talking to him.

Remember he was very kind to me when dave flew the coop and he’s given me more laughs than I can count.

I’m glad he’s back.

978. A Reason To Rejoice

I know that all of you have been praying that I would recover from that terrible flu/virus that I was brought down with.

Well you can get off your knees.

Today for the first time in 3 weeks I feel like myself again.

“Myself” being a girl who now feels so alive that I can once again catch up on all the Housewife shows that I was too weak to enjoy during my weakened state.

So what’s new with me?

Well Miss Liz sold her apartment which means that I will have a stranger living down the hall.

The only good part about that is that when she comes to NYC Miss Liz will stay with me.

I do love her but she isn’t the kind of guest with no opinions.

In fact she spent two nights here this week and informed me that a blanket that was used to make my late dog (may he rest in peace)  even more comfy in his bed was not a sufficient cover up for the guest bed.


She gave me strict instructions to have my quilts and blankets cleaned before she returns.

I don’t know what she was bitching about.

I had given Ray 2 baths in the 4 years he was living with me. TWO!

Who is she Louis Pasteur?

I mean I’ll do it because no one wants to spend time with a pissed off Miss Liz but jeeez.

Until next time….

977. May I Please Have Some Pity

I just spent 2 weeks recovering from a terrible virus.

I didn’t die even though I was hoping I would.

I believe I am all well now and  since Stephanie said “Are we gonna hear about how sick you were forever?” that is the last I will speak of this.

Oh I can’t promise I won’t utter an occasional “oy” but I was doing that before so……

So what’s been going on since I was, you know, near death?

I hear we might be having a military parade. Goody.

I hope it’s one of those things with tanks going down the street just like our friends the Russians have.

I think that’s a great idea. Look at all the money we saved feeding and electrifying Puerto  Rico.

We gotta spend that money somewhere.

Anyway here’s my ‘well’ face. Can you imaging how I looked when I was sick?


Don’t ask.  Wait, you didn’t.