1118. Dinner with the worst person I know


Yes David has moved back to the northeast.

We had a lovely dinner the other night.

He’s completely changed for the better.

Just kidding. He’s the same right wing piece of shit he always was.

He spent the first part of the meal complaining that he couldn’t bring his handguns back from Texas for 2 reasons.

  1. They’re a bit touchy here about  being armed in the supermarket here and,
  2. His guns were stolen in Texas.

He said if he had been home when the robber came in he’d have “shot’im dead”. And the cop who took his statement made it clear that he would have had no choice but to do just that.

The rest of the meal was spent with him regaling me with stories about the women that he’d “charmed” into bed and his disappointment in the dames that are hanging around in the bars in Connecticut. That’s where he  lives now but he’s moving to Manhattan as soon as his present lease is up. I guess because that’s where all the sluts live.

He still lets racial and religious slurs flop from his mouth on occasion but there is one thing that saves him

He didn’t vote for donald trump and he will vote for any Democrat that runs in 2020.