991. We Are Fam-i-ly

Every dog is a new experience.

Especially rescue dogs.

You don’t know what their lives were like before and what made them the way they are.

Ray and Debbie are very different.

Ray was very slow to love me.

Debbie acts like I walk on water.

Ray loved men.

Debbie hates them.

Ray was fat and mushy

Debbie skinny and leggy

But here’s how they are alike.

They are both perfect for me.

Now that the Debster feels at home she is just great.

I worried about her with visitors but it’s no problem at all. She jumps up on them when they come in then sits on their laps and kisses them.

Yesterday we had a lot of company.

Miss Liz was in town and got to meet her. It was love at first site.IMG_0452

She stuck with her until our other two friends Karola and Andrea came over.



We all went out to lunch after which Deb and I had a nap.

Such an excellent nap in fact that we didn’t wake up in time for our routine Sunday dinner company Julie, Dan and Violet.

My 2 wine spritzers at lunch may have had something to do with it but what was Deb’s excuse?

Anyway she again welcomed her visitors with love and affection



How she is with toddlers I still don’t know but frankly I never met a toddler I liked so who cares.

As long as she greets me like this when she hears my voice.


990. True Colors

The biting doesn’t seem to be much of an issue any more. She kisses my doorman whenever we go out.

She seems to be more at home.

Since I am a strict disciplinarian at heart I decided that I’m not going to let Debbie trap me into staying home and not enjoying my life.

Therefore I went to Brooklyn yesterday to spend my favorite day which is lunch  and a mani pedi with Susan.

It was glorious. We laughed, complained and just bad talked everyone in our lives. I didn’t rush home because, like I said, I’m not going to be some dog’s slave.

When I walked in the door I was greeted with leaps and screams and licks galore.

When I used to come home to Ray he barely looked up from the couch.

“This is  nice” I thought.

Then I started looking around.

“Weren’t those pillows on the couch when I left?”


“Wait, wasn’t that gift on the dining room table? And I’m sure that the bag wasn’t torn”


I walked into my office.

“Why would I leave my comb on the floor?”


And then I looked at her on the bed with her porcupine.

with toy

I could be wrong but did her expression say,

“I hope you had a good time with Susan. Oh btw how much do you like that new TV? I hope it doesn’t totter off the dresser when you aren’t home to watch it.”


989. I didn’t sleep well last night

I kept thinking thinking thinking.

I had a lot on my mind. I’m not going to name them all. Just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

First of all taxes. I handed in my personal taxes but for some reason the corporate taxes are delayed.

That involves dave so I’m gonna have to contact him on the matter. That always gives me the willies.

Every morning my sister calls me at 8 a.m.

Here’s a picture of Marcia so you can put a face to what I’m telling you.


It’s an important call because I get to discuss how I’m feeling:

Me: “I’m dying”

Her; “No you’re not.”

Me;  “Whew”

And what our plans are for the day.

Her: Going on a hike. Healing her friend who’s going on a hike. BTW she’s a healer.

Me: emailing dave and trying to get my head around that John Cena break up just before his wedding to the greatest girl anyone could want. (see any news site anywhere).

And what’s buggin’ me.

Today was a big one. I began.

“Marcia, as you know my two favorite singers are Bob Dylan and Nina Simone. I love them both.

But how the fuck do either of them belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?”

Her: “You know what Billy Joel says, “It’s all rock and roll to me”.

Me: Oh

And my second problem,

Say I have my usual group for Thanksgiving, from 20 to 40 people, how is my little little dog, (see photo)


She’s there under the blankets, take my word for it.

As I was saying, how is my little little dog going to be able to bite all those people?

Okay it’s time to start my day.

Time to check on either CNN or TMZ. heh heh

988. OR…. maybe it can go both ways

We arrived and it looked like it was going really well.

Except for a few scuffles she got along with Stephanie’s dogs. Actually it might have been more than a few but it wasn’t terrible.

She loved being in the country.  Remember she’s been inside mostly and she’s never been outside off the leash.

Here she is having fun with Steph and two of her dogs and her cat. The other dog was too scared to go near her cause, ya know, the scuffles.

having fun

Here she is running.

She immediately made herself at home in the house.


Laura loved her too and the feeling was mutual.


And except for one little moment where she tried to kill Stephanie’s gardener the visit was perfect.

And I don’t use the term “kill” lightly.

I’ve  known him for a long time. He set up my terrace and helped me a million times when I was at Steph’s.

The fact that he’s oh so easy on the eyes only adds to his cache.

He walked over and kissed me hello.  His mistake.

I’ve seen dogs who snap before. Ray was excellent at that.

But this wasn’t a snap. It was attempted murder.

She not only jumped up to bite him, she ran after him leaping up to seal the deal.

I know what you’re thinking.

Mattie is sorry she got that dog.

Well let me tell you.

I don’t love her one bit less.

In fact I have this new pink lipstick that makes me especially attractive and the Debster can protect me from cads and bounders.

Of course I can give up any idea of remarrying or dating or even saying hello to a man.

I can live with that.

987. This could go either way

Today is both stressful and exciting.

I’m bringing Debbie up to meet her two cousins Stephanie and Laura Rose plus dogs, horses, donkeys and cats.

We’re sleeping over.

I’m happy because I know they will love her because she’s so cute and sweet.

I’m stressed because

1.She will be going in the car for the first time since I have her.

2.She is going to a new place.  The only new place she’s ever gone other than my house was a kill shelter.

3.She’s never been outside without a leash. In fact she hasn’t been outside much even with a leash since every time I pick up the leash to walk her she hides.

4. She is paper trained.  No one in my family has ever had a dog who is paper trained. By the way “paper trained’ means she pees on the paper and and makes doody real close to the paper.

5. I am really scared she will bite Steph or Laura.  I don’t think she will but I’ve only had her for a few days.

6. I’m more scared that she will pee or something not on the paper because Steph has made it clear to me that she likes her house more than she likes me.  She did say that she will accept one (1) mistake.

I’m hoping that this will make up for any misdeeds.


986. So I got this dog



She’s not bad looking and she stopped crapping all over my house but I can see that some training will be necessary.

For example;

I will have to stop looking at her constantly.  It seems to irritate her.

I will need to begin leaving the room if she’s sleeping and put aside my fear of waking her up. That will only occur during emergency like going to the bathroom or getting pie.

Although I know much of her history there are a few questions left unanswered.

In her possessions I found some badges and stuff from The Illuminati.

When I questioned her all she would do was point to letters on my keyboard spelling out “It’s not for you to know”

I’ll just leave it for now.

She does like squeaky toys.

I’ll just be content with that.

985. Remember I told you I was getting a dog named Amy?

That name just doesn’t come comfortably out of my mouth.

I used to dream of having 2 little dachshunds one named Debbie and the other named Debby and since they would look alike it wouldn’t matter which one came when I called.

I will name her Debbie.

I picked her up at the pound last night.

She had been spayed and she was wearing a cone.IMG_0333

They told me I had to leave the cone on for 10 days.

Here she is this morning eating breakfast.IMG_0334

Who knew she liked chicken? They told me she just eats dry food.

Here she is watching me write this.


She slept in my bed and only got out to pee on a wee wee pad.

They told me that she bites toddlers which in my mind is a plus.

I think we’ll get along fine.

That’s what I’m writing but in my head I’m saying “YAYYYYY I LOVE HER I LOVE HER”