987. This could go either way

Today is both stressful and exciting.

I’m bringing Debbie up to meet her two cousins Stephanie and Laura Rose plus dogs, horses, donkeys and cats.

We’re sleeping over.

I’m happy because I know they will love her because she’s so cute and sweet.

I’m stressed because

1.She will be going in the car for the first time since I have her.

2.She is going to a new place.  The only new place she’s ever gone other than my house was a kill shelter.

3.She’s never been outside without a leash. In fact she hasn’t been outside much even with a leash since every time I pick up the leash to walk her she hides.

4. She is paper trained.  No one in my family has ever had a dog who is paper trained. By the way “paper trained’ means she pees on the paper and and makes doody real close to the paper.

5. I am really scared she will bite Steph or Laura.  I don’t think she will but I’ve only had her for a few days.

6. I’m more scared that she will pee or something not on the paper because Steph has made it clear to me that she likes her house more than she likes me.  She did say that she will accept one (1) mistake.

I’m hoping that this will make up for any misdeeds.


2 thoughts on “987. This could go either way

  1. Ah. Poor boo. She’s still adjusting. Love and reassurance are what she needs. All actions viewed as mistakes should be forgiven. She’s doing the first of the outside in the big wide world things she’ll be doing with you, and she’ll be fine. I don’t know her history, beyond that she was at a kill shelter and then you took her home. Given just that, it will take time for her to realize she can relax. I hope everyone has a wonderful time.

  2. It is always scary to take a new dog to a new place. Hope it works out and they fall in love with her the way you did.

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