986. So I got this dog



She’s not bad looking and she stopped crapping all over my house but I can see that some training will be necessary.

For example;

I will have to stop looking at her constantly.  It seems to irritate her.

I will need to begin leaving the room if she’s sleeping and put aside my fear of waking her up. That will only occur during emergency like going to the bathroom or getting pie.

Although I know much of her history there are a few questions left unanswered.

In her possessions I found some badges and stuff from The Illuminati.

When I questioned her all she would do was point to letters on my keyboard spelling out “It’s not for you to know”

I’ll just leave it for now.

She does like squeaky toys.

I’ll just be content with that.

7 thoughts on “986. So I got this dog

  1. Those eyes! Debbie is looking at you with so much love, Mattie! What a mitzvah you have wrought for her as well as yourself! Look how her ears are completely relaxed! Now how do we get another pound on her? I wish you both many years of joy with each other.

  2. Congrats on your new dog…..Sure is cute!!!  Happy for you….   Hugs to you and your puppy, XO, Carol  

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