3/29/21 A Seder To Remember

Some of my family came yesterday to celebrate Passover.

It was the first time we’d been together in over a year.

Since we’d all had our vacs we could kiss like crazy.

I served Matzo, gefilte fish and Indian food. You know, a regular Seder display.

The kids did the usual. They went around my house pointing out the things of mine they want when I die.

I told them that they were wasting their time because my nephew Jimmy had been writing his name on my furniture since the late eighties.

He added that since he is the executor of my estate the place would be a ghost town before any of them even knew I was sick.

It was so wonderful.

Everybody was there to party.

My niece Stephanie even wore a wine holder so her arms would be free to measure my couch for her den.

Debby had a fine time.

She only bit 2 people. Or was it one person twice. Yeah that’s it.

That’ll teach my nephew Scott not to stay away so long that she forgets him.

That’ll also teach him not to say that my old dog Ray “wasn’t all there”.

But here’s something to remind you how sweet my little girl can be.

This is her with my doorman’s son.

3/22/21. Those bastards

Are going to run out of people to hate soon, Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, Asians, Gays and Democrats.

They must love Elon Musk because with his help they can meet some Martians to hate.

I’m in a bad mood today so don’t expect any yucks.

I just came back from walking Debby.

As I am a perfect citizen I was bending down to pick up you know what when chaos occurred!

It seems that a couple with a baby carriage and a dog on one of those leashes that gets longer and longer were so engrossed in their convo that they let their dog’s leash stretch to about 7 feet while they were walking.

You know how attractive Debby is. Well that dog ran over to complement her (I assume).

Debby, not being a mind reader, considered it an attack and gave that dog what for. I believe it was in the form of a bite.

Well that dog started screaming like a banshee.

By the way what’s a banshee?

Anyway the guy started yelling at me. Did you see what your dog did??

Since I was picking up doody at the time, no I didn’t.

But before I could answer he walked away.

Now even Judge Judy would say that he was in the wrong for not controlling his dog but I was left there looking like a loser.

To make matters worse another woman who was coming up the street picked her dog up when she passed me.

Like I said, I’m in a bad mood.

Maybe this will make me feel better.

3/12/21. Now that it I got my vaccine….

It’s very possible that people will want me to leave my house.

That’s going to be a problem since to me the best part of this pandemic was that no one expected me to go anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong. I walked my dog but that’s about it.

I’ve always been a “stay at home” kind of person.

I mean I did go to restaurants once in a while but if that restaurant wasn’t within 2 blocks of my house..nada.

Bear with me. If you spent a year learning and speaking french at the end of the year would you start speaking pig latin?”

I don’t think so.

Case closed.

It’s not like I don’t have a load of extra time.

As I’ve said before, I watch Bridgerton every day but since it’s only the naked parts that doesn’t take up more than an hour or so.

And the return of Temptation Island doesn’t eat up more than an hour a week so I have lots of time for thinking.

Which is a double edged sword.

I think of things I’ve done or said or not done or said that still give me the willies.

The list is incredibly long.

But I also remember things that made me laugh.

Like the guy who when he was late to a recording session gave as his reason that his wife caught him jerking off and he had to screw her.

I also have so much time to ruminate about every decision.

For example this morning I have my first dentist appointment in a year. Was it thoughtless of me to have gefilte fish for breakfast?

Maybe the horse radish pushes the needle a bit over to the rude side.

Now… Double Zen