3/22/21. Those bastards

Are going to run out of people to hate soon, Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, Asians, Gays and Democrats.

They must love Elon Musk because with his help they can meet some Martians to hate.

I’m in a bad mood today so don’t expect any yucks.

I just came back from walking Debby.

As I am a perfect citizen I was bending down to pick up you know what when chaos occurred!

It seems that a couple with a baby carriage and a dog on one of those leashes that gets longer and longer were so engrossed in their convo that they let their dog’s leash stretch to about 7 feet while they were walking.

You know how attractive Debby is. Well that dog ran over to complement her (I assume).

Debby, not being a mind reader, considered it an attack and gave that dog what for. I believe it was in the form of a bite.

Well that dog started screaming like a banshee.

By the way what’s a banshee?

Anyway the guy started yelling at me. Did you see what your dog did??

Since I was picking up doody at the time, no I didn’t.

But before I could answer he walked away.

Now even Judge Judy would say that he was in the wrong for not controlling his dog but I was left there looking like a loser.

To make matters worse another woman who was coming up the street picked her dog up when she passed me.

Like I said, I’m in a bad mood.

Maybe this will make me feel better.

6 thoughts on “3/22/21. Those bastards

  1. You are so right Maddie I am so sick of seeing anti-hate rallies do we have to hate everybody and like not hate him now I don’t understand against me confused and those rat bastards With no pet cooth need a good slap…thats it a slap…I mean after all there is such a thing as dog ettiquite….we need a guide…perhaps you should right them &, we can carry one with while walking the dog so we can shove it in their face…wow…this one got me Aunt Mattie, I’ve had similar situations…some end in a verbal dispute & others just walk away as if nothing happened lala la la la di…xo

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