12/30/20. 2020 has made me up my intellectual game

As you all know I have always been a strict Bravo fan.

I love all the Housewives and any other show that Bravo has to offer with a special affection for Reunions.

Well a new show has come into my repertoire.

But first, a bit of background.

My niece and nephew and their 2 daughters from Annapolis came to spend 3 days with me this week.

They were all tested before the trip.

A fine time was had by all.

My niece, Cheryl, has come alone many times because she is a writer and her agent is here in New York.

Because she frequently stays longer than she says she’s going to stay because as she says “She’s no trouble” we have worked out a routine.

She writes all day and we watch TV every night, usually movies.

On this trip most of the family kept themselves busy while she and I fell into our usual pattern.

We decided to watch the first episode of “Bridgerton”.

Interestingly enough it so held our interest that we watched the entire series. This took a bit more than 6 hours.

Come the next night one or two parts were not perfectly clear to us so we decided to watch it again. Since we didn’t have 6 hours to spare we decided to pare it down by limiting any scene that didn’t have the Duke in it.

We very cleverly cut our TV watching time to about an hour and a half.

Come the next night both Cheryl and I still had some unanswered questions about the plot. We realized that it wouldn’t be prudent to go away with a lack of knowledge about those historical times but the family was starting to get ugly. I believe they wanted dinner or something.

By pretending that we were hanging curtains in my bedroom we were able to really cut our Bridgerton time down to about 21 minutes by fast forwarding any scene that didn’t have the Duke’s shirt off.

I just hope that watching all this historical drama doesn’t make me sort of a nerd.

As a special end of the year gift to youse I am having 3 photos of Debby in my Zen, One with my nephew Brian. One with my niece Cheryl and one in her stunning new snow suit.

A happy and healthy New Year to you all

12/11/20. Bummer of the week

Yesterday started off pretty good.

Julie and I went to Costco in New Jersey.

Don’t worry we were gloved and masked.

We got a little lost on the way thanks to my sister calling us thereby making us miss 9 exits.

But I digress. Julie and I are always happy to spend time together. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing.

Anyway the day went swimmingly. We laughed and talked and bought everything we needed .

I hope my family won’t read this because since I live alone and everything you buy there comes in either vats or cases they can expect bottles of Clorox or cans of pinto beans for their next few birthdays.

Anyway I get home feeling pretty good and if I do say so myself looking fine with my knee length hair up in a bun and the smile on my face that only comes with having enough batteries to light up the Brooklyn Bridge.

I get in the elevator and a man gets in with me. I permit it because he’s wearing a mask as am I.

The door closes and he says to me “I’m assuming you’ll be one of the first people to get the vaccine. Will you take it?”

He might as well have said “Would you mind pushing your wrinkles aside so I can get to the button for my floor?”

I didn’t want to show any reaction.

Since I am quite a good actress I’m quite sure he bought my explanation for my sobs that they were for the fact that Costco was out of tube socks.

Maybe this Zen picture of Debby half asleep will cheer me up.