11/6/22. Ya know how most neighborhoods have a crazy old lady walkin’ around?

I’m pretty sure the one in my neighborhood is me.

I’m getting nuttier and nuttier.

First of all I hate to leave my dog. Therefore I hate to leave my house without her.

And I don’t just walk her like a sane person.

I hook her onto a shopping cart because she pulls me if I don’t.

Also as you know I wear Black Lives Matter shirts every day.

A few times a week this woman who lives near me screams “Don’t you have any other shirts?”.

Instead of thinking “Maybe I’m carrying this too far?”.

I say to myself “What is she blind? It’s not the same shirt.I wear different color shirts”.

I have to say that the antisemitic shit that’s been going on particularly from Kanye has given me some thoughts.

I have a very proud Jewish family and that is disgusting.

But I don’t want to be like Kanye

I can still hear George Floyd’s voice call for his mother and I don’t want to live in a country where that is acceptable either.

I haven’t had my hair cut since the pandemic so I did the other day.

Debby sat on my lap and was perfectly behaved.

That is until the guy foolishly thought he could blow dry my hair.

I’m just hoping that 2 little holes in his hand won’t interfere with his ability to give someone a charming new look.

This is a busy month for me.

Next week half of my Israeli family is coming to visit and a week later (I think it’s a week) is Thanksgiving.

I have 16 loved ones for that.

Luckily my family embraces crazy so it should be fun.

Oh yeah, VOTE!!!

You ain’t seen crazy yet if the Democrats don’t come up on top.

and now Zen

Debby helping a guy read the instructions for fixing my toilet.