1/8/22. So what’s new with you?


Well today I’m celebrating Elvis Presley’s birthday.

I just had mine on January 6th which was ruined because instead of the White house giving their usual speech about wanting to name the Bronx after me all they could talk about was something about killing democracy.

I tried to make the best of it though. I had a zoom call with my family.

And had pizza for dinner.

I didn’t ask anyone to donate to a charity in my name though.

I figured if they want to donate they can and anyway it was MY birthday and if they have any extra money they should be buying ME something.

(btw I am registered in Bloomingdales and I really had my eye on some grey slacks and I know it sounds crazy but I wouldn’t throw a tutu back in your face)

Enough about me.

Being inside for the majority of my life now due to Covid my dog has learned to totally control me.

When she wants me to go to bed she sits on my lap and stares at me until I do her bidding.

Don’t think I don’t put up a fight.

“No Debby! It’s 7:15! I have things to do!”

So I watch TV from my bed until she falls asleep so I can clean the kitchen.

I shouldn’t have said that. It might put a dent in my dog training earnings.

But who could stand up to this?