5/14/22. When you read this you’ll be glad that I haven’t written in awhile

First let me tell you how my day started.

I bought a new perfume.

I sprayed it on one arm and on the other arm I sprayed my old perfume. I asked my doorman (who’s a woman) to smell both my arms and see which she liked better.

I’m so known as a weirdo in my building that when I asked the young kid who works here when he came in with his morning coffee to smell my arms, just to check, he didn’t even ask why he just smelled them

And this has already been one of my busier days.

BTW it was my old perfume that won.

I’m so mad at America now.

It’s nothing like I grew up thinking.

It’s shitty.

First of all I was pretty sure we had cured that racist and war thing in the 60’s.

Guess what ? We didn’t.

Smart phones have done a great deal in doing their job and smartening me up.

So now at 78 I’m having to get active again.

This proves that we must teach REAL history in schools so kids know what they have to fix.

Ya want to know which country I like better?



Technology again.

I’m watching Britbox and seeing some of their old tv shows.

I always thought of the British as being snootier than us cause they talk snooty but on their TV shows they’ve been saying “shit” and “Jesus Christ” when they’re shocked for years while Americans have filtered the way real people speak on TV because we’re religious nuts who don’t allow “shit” on TV while we shrug our shoulders about people having guns and shooting up crowds.

And don’t be writing and telling me all the shit that the British have done because my main concern is TV.

So I’m not moving to England or anything because I do love New York City but I will start saying a lot more “shants” and “blimeys”

Well since this post is such a downer I will cheer you up with a picture of Debby helping my Super fix my air conditioner (which he didn’t fix by the way)