962. I may actually be a loser

I can’t keep blaming my not writing on trump although it’s hard to make light of things when that nutcase is potus.

I think I’m slow in being creative because now that I’m back on my crazy pills I have different interests.

For example today I clicked on “teenager filmed punching teacher in the head multiple times”. I think it was the ‘multiple times’ that attracted me to this.

In my day once would have been enough but these kids do everything in grander style. I guess it’s the internet.

I also liked “in the head”. I don’t know why that struck me funny but even I know that that isn’t fodder for the general public.

So how can I keep writing a blog if I’m the only one that thinks it’s funny?

961. Someone I don’t know made me cry yesterday

It was a comment sent by someone named Beth.

It made me so sad that I erased it so I can’t show it to you but the gist of it was that my not getting over the end of my marriage after this amount of time makes me “pathetic”.

Under normal conditions I might not have reacted this way but my recent trading of my crazy pills for Lipitor has made me particularly weepy.

Now in the light of day, I’m feeling a little less vulnerable so I’ll answer Beth, or beth, now.

Dear beth;

I am a writer.

I have a signed paper from dave saying that I can say anything I want about him in my writings.

I try to be a funny writer and sometimes I over state things to enhance my writing. The use of the word “sometimes” suggests that at other times I tell the absolute truth.

For example now;

Who the fuck are you to determine when someone else should get over anything you mean spirited, miserable cunt.

Wishing you the happiest of days.

Love and kisses,

Mattie Joan Matthews