961. Someone I don’t know made me cry yesterday

It was a comment sent by someone named Beth.

It made me so sad that I erased it so I can’t show it to you but the gist of it was that my not getting over the end of my marriage after this amount of time makes me “pathetic”.

Under normal conditions I might not have reacted this way but my recent trading of my crazy pills for Lipitor has made me particularly weepy.

Now in the light of day, I’m feeling a little less vulnerable so I’ll answer Beth, or beth, now.

Dear beth;

I am a writer.

I have a signed paper from dave saying that I can say anything I want about him in my writings.

I try to be a funny writer and sometimes I over state things to enhance my writing. The use of the word “sometimes” suggests that at other times I tell the absolute truth.

For example now;

Who the fuck are you to determine when someone else should get over anything you mean spirited, miserable cunt.

Wishing you the happiest of days.

Love and kisses,

Mattie Joan Matthews



52 thoughts on “961. Someone I don’t know made me cry yesterday

  1. Mattie: I have a theory that people who post mean or negative comments on social media are just mean and miserable themselves. Why does anyone bother to post a nasty comment? Comment makes me firmly believe that she has much she cannot get over. Classic transference. I always try to instantly delete anything negative, and vanished from my thoughts. Lots of us absolutely adore your writing, so only think about us. πŸ™‚

    Jenn Gracie

  2. Whaaaaat? Lipitor makes me happy, happy, happy! πŸ˜‚

    Seriously, what does it say about Beth that she spends this amount of her days reading someone else’s blog rather than living a real life. Who, I ask, is the pathetic one?

    And I for one, have been reading your blog since day one. You are funny, insightful, an animal lover, and have been over your ex for a long time. You just share your life and experiences with us less talented fans 😊

  3. I’m happy you recovered mightily!
    Another writer I follow, on this 10th
    year since the end of her marriage, recently shared the email she sent to family and friends the morning after her husband of 30+ years, told her he was in love with someone else. That moment will never leave her and a part of her will never “get over” it.
    P. S, She has it in writing that she cannot mention him or new family by name and she had to change the name of her blog!

  4. Don’t change a thing! Every time I get an alert that you’ve posted something new, I can’t wait to read it! Frequently, your posts make my day. With all the stuff there is to stress about right now, you always make me laugh.

  5. I’ll bet she’s really short, grossly obese and never married, let alone loved (or fucked), whichever. My 1st marriage ended over 35 years ago and now I am storing his pickup truck on my property, as a favor. Part of our lives…Keep on dishing wherever appropriate or not. XOXO

  6. Attagirl!!!! you are right on….Who the F is anybody to tell anybody else it’s “time they got over whomever!” At the end of it, beth doesn’t have a sense of humor like my friend, Mattie. That you’ve got, kid!!!! Beth? Nope! Loved the way you signed off. xo

  7. beth showed what kind of person she is, and it isn’t pretty. Go Mattie – I love your writing and look forward to your posts! I think you are doing great.

  8. I am sorry some people are cruel! I love reading & look forward to your posts! Stay strong ! Rock on! You dear lady have a sense of humor , that makes me lol!

  9. Wow, I love all the comments and all written with true support and love! Clearly that beth person doesn’t get it and I agree with Jennifer, major transference! Keep on keeping on Mattie!! Love you

  10. She needs to get a life and not judge other people. Everybody has their own timeline for getting over a traumatic event.

  11. If you gave me “beth’s” address, I would gladly go over and kick her butt for you, perhaps only figuratively, as I am out of shape. But that can be the best kind of ass-kicking, right?. Consider it done in spirit.

  12. Perfect response! So perfect that someone you really don’t know (Susan will vouch for me though … I think … lol) couldn’t stop herself from telling you how perfect a response you gave.

  13. I’ve followed your blog for a long time… what always brings me back to it is your honesty, humour and ability to tell it how it is. Thanks for sharing your life and feelings. People like Beth, no matter how loud they are, will always be outnumbered by those who appreciate you.

  14. Beth is mean spirited and has no right to have an opinion on anything you do or how you do it. I follow your blog, which I admire. It makes me happy every time I see a new post notification in my email. As the number of supportive responses you received above indicates, I am not alone.

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