962. I may actually be a loser

I can’t keep blaming my not writing on trump although it’s hard to make light of things when that nutcase is potus.

I think I’m slow in being creative because now that I’m back on my crazy pills I have different interests.

For example today I clicked on “teenager filmed punching teacher in the head multiple times”. I think it was the ‘multiple times’ that attracted me to this.

In my day once would have been enough but these kids do everything in grander style. I guess it’s the internet.

I also liked “in the head”. I don’t know why that struck me funny but even I know that that isn’t fodder for the general public.

So how can I keep writing a blog if I’m the only one that thinks it’s funny?

7 thoughts on “962. I may actually be a loser

  1. I think and curious if you agree, but humor is our only way of dealing with all the shit from fucking #45, knowing that those of us who can appreciate humor understand the seriousness of how unbelievable & scary this whole situation is! You have a voice and one that speaks to all of us and I for one always finds a common thread in what you write! Don’t stop!

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