4/1/21. I was not a hero yesterday


Debby and I were walking back from the supermarket when I spied a wallet on the street,

I opened it up.

It had lots of money, credit cards and driver’s license inside.

Did I turn around and rush to TJMAXX with my newfound wealth?

No I did not!


Because I’m what??

That’s right a hero.

First I called information to find the phone number of the person at that address.

I called the number but no answer.

I knew I could mail it to him but then he’d have already cancelled his cards etc.

So what did I do?

I used my big brain and realized that since he had a Chase card they may be able to contact him.

So I limped 4 blocks on my pathetic knees to a Chase Bank.

BTW this made my hero status even greater.

The guy at Chase had his cell number and called it.

Unfortunately every time he answered and heard an unfamiliar voice he hung up.

After about 45 minutes we emailed him with my cell number and we got in touch.

He was on his way to get his vaccination and hadn’t realized that he’d lost his wallet.

Again BTW not that I’m bragging but this moved my plain old hero status up to medical emergency status.

Since I had to go home because my groceries were melting I told him to pick up his wallet there.

He sent his girlfriend to do it and bring it down to the vaccination sight.

When he got it he sent a thank you text with a lot of !!!

I wrote back that his girlfriend was lovely.

And he wrote back that she loved my BLM shirt.

I don’t know if it makes a difference that I helped someone who wasn’t wearing a MAGA hat but it did to me.

Was this too boring to write about?

To make up for that my Super was changing the filters in my a/c’s this morning and for your zen here’s some photos of Debby helping.