5/19/21. I think I’m getting dumber

I’ve accepted the fact that I like Reality shows even if the rest of my family finds it creepy. But this morning I woke up saying aloud,

“If Frank wasn’t fulfilling all Delores’ social needs she wouldn’t be so happy with David”

Look I know you don’t know what I’m talking about and that’s okay.

Here’s my problem I can’t figure out how to comment on the fan sites ergo I am forced to scream my reactions in my house.

Luckily I live alone so the only one it disturbs is my dog who doesn’t mind because she watches those shows too.

Not only am I getting dumber I’m getting crazier.

I hate to leave my house.

I am thrilled to have as many people visit me as want to but they’d better not invite me back.

Luckily no one has offered that invite.

I had such a good time the other night.

A few of the cats and my best friends came over.

Dave and Ronnie Taylor and Allan and Susan Schwartzberg.

I probably never mentioned it but Dave Taylor is the guy who made me carry his GIANT BASS TROMBONE because he claimed to have a bad something.

Anyway I tried my best to be charming and entertaining while they were here so I let Al and Dave read a dirty letter that my ex’s girlfriend wrote him that he stupidly left on his computer.

All it did was make them impressed with my ex.

If I want them to come back I’m gonna have to come up with another draw.

I wonder how they feel about tap dancing?

Here’s some zen. One of my doormen with the princess