8/28/21. So what’s new with you?

I can’t say much is going on here.

Oh wait! I did get lightbulbs today.

I’d like to say that Covid is effecting my usual hectic life but I was practicing Covid when Covid was just an idea in some Nazi’s mind.

If I didn’t have a dog that wanted walks I wouldn’t even notice the seasons changing.

Don’t think I don’t get invited places.

I have a very pleasing personality.

Why just the other day I was invited to a pizza party but when I hesitated they invited someone else and rescinded my invite.

Maybe my personality isn’t as good as I thought it was.

I don’t have a lot of friends.

Actually only 2.

I’m not sure I want any more.

They’d probably want me to see them.

My one friend, I don’t want to mention names (Ronnie) spends her days with her head up her husband’s ass.

He not only expects but GETS 3 meals a day, presented attractively.

So she’s no problem. She almost never wants to see me.

My other friend Susan is more gregarious.

She’s been hocking me to go to some dim sim restaurant that’s A CAB RIDE AWAY for a million years. Not only is the distance a problem, what the hell is dim sim? Not specific enough for me.

I know I’m gonna hate it and as I’ve said before Susan would rather I call her daughters whores than say I don’t like a restaurant she’s picked.

So if you were thinking of applying to be a friend of mine, forget it.

Oh shit! Debbie is hinting to go out by throwing herself against the door.

“Your wish is my command, My Lady”

Now Zen!

She thinks she’s doing the worm.

8/3/21. I’ve finally turned into my mother

My nephew Jacob is staying with me this week,

Look. how cute he is.

When he got here last night I gave him a lovely dinner but first I offered him a cocktail.

He didn’t really want anything so I asked if maybe a beer would do it?

I looked in the refrigerator (or icebox as I call it) and took out a nice cold one.

“I’m not sure what brand it is. Will this do?”

He looked at the can and said “That beer has been in your refrigerator for as long as I can remember”.

A little insulted I said “Beer doesn’t have an expiration date”

Examining the back of the can he said (In what I consider a snotty know it all voice) “This one does 2019”.

I remember my sisters and I laughing at all the old things in my mother’s icebox.

I just know she’s up there saying “Not so funny any more is it?”

Now Zen of Debby working on her tan while I lick my wounds.