985. Remember I told you I was getting a dog named Amy?

That name just doesn’t come comfortably out of my mouth.

I used to dream of having 2 little dachshunds one named Debbie and the other named Debby and since they would look alike it wouldn’t matter which one came when I called.

I will name her Debbie.

I picked her up at the pound last night.

She had been spayed and she was wearing a cone.IMG_0333

They told me I had to leave the cone on for 10 days.

Here she is this morning eating breakfast.IMG_0334

Who knew she liked chicken? They told me she just eats dry food.

Here she is watching me write this.


She slept in my bed and only got out to pee on a wee wee pad.

They told me that she bites toddlers which in my mind is a plus.

I think we’ll get along fine.

That’s what I’m writing but in my head I’m saying “YAYYYYY I LOVE HER I LOVE HER”

18 thoughts on “985. Remember I told you I was getting a dog named Amy?

  1. I love your writing. I am very happy for you and Debbie, who is obviously charming and rakish. Debbie has won the little dog lottery. In your next post I fully expect to see her playing cards and drinking a sidecar.

  2. You know you will just slip and call her Ray any way . She’s perfect . Can’t wait to hear all of her quirks . How old do they think she is ?

  3. Debbie it is. Love the last photo of Debbie as Queen of All She Surveys on top of her two-folded-blankets throne. She is figuring you out, figuring out if she can trust her good fortune and relax. I already know the answer to that question. So glad you found each other. Enjoy the love. xo.

  4. Got yourself a Little Debbie, looks like you are going to have to fatten her up a bit! I am happy for you both and look forward to getting to know her through your Blog.

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