984. A story of me being an asshole but it worked out ok anyway

My sister and I are creatures of habit.

We love each other so much and we know what makes us happy.

She’s in NYC now.

We do what we always do.

She has lunch with Julie.  I pick her up and bring her home to my house.


Go out to our favorite restaurant, Club A on my block where we have the same thing we always have.

Red wine that Marcia picks.

Lobster, shrimp and crab meat appetizer.

one free mushroom ravioli

filet mignon, potatoes and mushrooms.  When Ray was alive we would order the big filet so I could bring the leftovers home to him but sadly we get the small one now.

Free dessert.

We were being so happy and smiling when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the table in the middle of the room.

It was 3 young people glued to their phones. I watched them for a good 15 minutes, just time enough for me to have my second glass of wine. They were still not speaking.

I got up and went over to their table.  Marcia didn’t even blink. They looked up.

“Feel free to tell me to mind my own business but I’ve been watching you for awhile. You obviously like each other enough to go out and eat in this expensive restaurant but you haven’t spoken to each other or looked up from your phones once since you sat down.”

They laughed and said “You’re right” and put their phones away.

I noticed them talking for the rest of the night but I tried not to look at them since Marcia said I probably ruined their whole dinner.

As we were leaving Marcia went up to them and said

“Please excuse my buttinsky  sister”

The oldest of the three said “No She was right. We weren’t putting our priorities straight.

Let’s take a picture together”


Now I know that Julie and Stephanie are cringing right now but they should keep in mind.

I’m getting older and nuttier.

I’ve embarrassed them before and I’ll embarrass them again.

9 thoughts on “984. A story of me being an asshole but it worked out ok anyway

  1. I remember the time you asked a very pretty young woman why she in the company of a guy with so many tatoos! I wanted to crawl under the table I was so mortified!
    I can’t imagine that you can get much nuttier!!

    I really do miss Club A

  2. No Buttinsky in my book! We need more people in the world like you Mattie!! Good to hear you and Marica are having a lovely time together! Miss you both and using this opportunity (your blog) to say how sorry I am you and Marica are not coming out West for the wedding, you would fit right in here in Portland and you would have a fabulous time. Love the picture and glad you got them chatting with each other!

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