991. We Are Fam-i-ly

Every dog is a new experience.

Especially rescue dogs.

You don’t know what their lives were like before and what made them the way they are.

Ray and Debbie are very different.

Ray was very slow to love me.

Debbie acts like I walk on water.

Ray loved men.

Debbie hates them.

Ray was fat and mushy

Debbie skinny and leggy

But here’s how they are alike.

They are both perfect for me.

Now that the Debster feels at home she is just great.

I worried about her with visitors but it’s no problem at all. She jumps up on them when they come in then sits on their laps and kisses them.

Yesterday we had a lot of company.

Miss Liz was in town and got to meet her. It was love at first site.IMG_0452

She stuck with her until our other two friends Karola and Andrea came over.



We all went out to lunch after which Deb and I had a nap.

Such an excellent nap in fact that we didn’t wake up in time for our routine Sunday dinner company Julie, Dan and Violet.

My 2 wine spritzers at lunch may have had something to do with it but what was Deb’s excuse?

Anyway she again welcomed her visitors with love and affection



How she is with toddlers I still don’t know but frankly I never met a toddler I liked so who cares.

As long as she greets me like this when she hears my voice.


4 thoughts on “991. We Are Fam-i-ly

  1. I have had two rescues shelties and now have a retired sheltie show dog. All three loved me, each was very different. A friend asked me, when I got my 2nd rescue, if I could love the new dog. To me that was a silly question. I told her I have 4 sons, each is unique and I love each of them. The heart always makes room. Enjoy Deb, she obviously loves and enjoys you.

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