65. To the man who sold me a lottery ticket, you do not have a nice hat

I received a very sweet email from a friend who has been following my blog.

He said he’s glad to see that the ratio of dark to light has changed.

I was giving this some thought on my way to pick up a prescription for the mental patient pills I began taking when this whole thing went down.

He’s right. In general I’m feeling much better, the pills definitely help with this but still my every day life is happier.

I do have moments of true despair but as I told the doctor these are short lived and don’t come more that 4 or 5 times a week. More importantly, they are not directly connected to dave but more at facing life alone at my age. Not knowing how it will turn out financially adds to my stress also.

It is for that reason I have decided to go back to my  former pension plan of buying lottery tickets.

As you people know I’m not a complainer (heh heh) but something happened today that proves that some of the people that sell dreams in the guise of lottery tickets are thieving shitheels.

I had some of those papers that you fill out with your numbers in my pocketbook. I took them out and gave them to the man in the newspaper kiosk ( a crook if I’ve ever seen one). I was carrying several packages which added a bit of chaos to the transaction.

I thought I was giving him 3 forms.I even said “Here are 3 forms”

Instead 2 were stuck together and I gave him 4.  Unbeknownst to me 2 of those forms were identical. So I gave him one megamillion form, one powerball form and 2 lottery forms with the exact same numbers on it. Did he say Madam, you look like a person who just got dropped like a hot potato by a man who had sworn to care for you till death do you part so I want to check if you meant to give me 2 identical forms? No he didn’t.

Now I know he wasn’t obligated to correct my mistake but it would have been nice. And in my mind he is not a nice man.

I just noticed another thing good about writing a blog. You can be as boring as you like. If I was telling that story to anyone in person they would have picked up a book at “Unbeknownst to me”

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