81. I’m kinda famous today, like Madonna

Yesterday was a weird day. Mostly bad but ending up okay. Not only did I almost murder the dog I love like my own son but on the way back from the Animal Medical Center I was interviewed by the New York Times.

Liz and I were walking home with Rupert in his carriage, still a little loopy but thankfully on the mend. After the morning I’d spent I was really feeling happy.

A movie star handsome young man, 29 ( I know because I asked him his age after he asked mine and Liz made him show his press card) stopped us to ask about the traffic surrounding the closing of the bridge for the making of Batman.

Unfortunately he only took 2 quotes. He seemed totally disinterested in the break up of my marriage and my opinions of the Penn State situation. Go figure.

He did ask for my phone number in case he had any “follow up questions” wink wink.

I guess I still got it.

Liz said in an email to my family

“She should thank her publicist, who is with her at ALL times and had to make all sorts of deals and promises to keep her dirt out of the paper.”

14 thoughts on “81. I’m kinda famous today, like Madonna

      • how did you get to call him harry? we always referred to him as mr. augen. i once performed the heimlich maneuver on him, thus saving his life, & i still had to call him mr. augen.

      • Barbara, I was there when you gave him the heimlich. I remember you were the only one who was willing to stick your hands in his mouth and take out his teeth. The rest of us just sat there waving good bye to him while we watched him choke. And taking Julie to Mr Augen’s funeral wasn’t exactly a treat. I was supposed to take her to the movies but my mother said we had to go to the funeral. I did a real tap dance convincing her that it would be fun.

  1. I though maybe the vet set it up- to see if you had your stories straight- like Child Protective Services- they usually separate the parents and question them individually – Liz was good not not leave you alone with him! 😉

  2. Cute reporter was 23, by the way. Mattie would be writing a longer entry but she is now watching NY1 to see if she’s appearing there, today, as well. I’m sure reporter would have quoted me, but my name is much harder to spell.

  3. By the way, dear readers, Rupert is 100% today! He’s now as sleek as a greyhound, and the little flirt down the hall (mini silky-haired dachshund pup we call Miss Wiggles) is batting her eyelashes even faster at him.

  4. Wow–that Liz is good! She not only kept your attempted murder out of the press, but managed to get you linked to Christian Bale. Kudos!

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