128. Yes you can chip a tooth on roast chicken.

I’m going to turn over a new leaf.

I was thinking this morning that I will stop being so sad. It really isn’t doing anything to improve my situation.

Say my life really does turn out shitty. Being sad before that happens won’t help.

And if my life gets great then I wasted a bunch of time.

One of the things I’ve been sad about was the prospect of being poor.

However things that I’ve already done to cut costs that I thought would be upsetting turned out to be a big nothing.

I cancelled 2 phones. So what.

I stopped buying clothes (except for that red sweater that I returned). If I ever get around to cleaning out my drawers I’m sure I’ll find stuff I haven’t worn in years.

I stopped using paper plates and Bounty. I lived.

I have been buying cheaper toilet paper. No big deal.

Besides dave was the one who always wanted soft toilet paper. I guess he thought it was too hard to stuff up the toilet with the cheap kind.

I’m going to be a happy fish from now on.

Yep. I’m looking at the bright side.

For example my ipad is acting up but am I dwelling on that?  Even though I feel like flinging myself against the wall screaming. Nope, I won’t give it a thought.

Instead I’ll be all happy because Julie and Violet are coming for dinner.

I am burning the roast chicken beyond recognition so they’ll feel at  home. The kid might complain a bit but I know Julie will love it.

I cook just like my mother and her mother, my sister.

I just put the meat thermometer into the chicken and it stopped at 200. Another 20 minutes and it should be just right.

I like my food to be black, just like my clothes.

10 thoughts on “128. Yes you can chip a tooth on roast chicken.

  1. (mmm) That’s going to be some fine chicken! Tell the truth, you stole MrsBronsont’s recipe didn’t you?

    Have a wonderful dinner and hang on to this new attitude 🙂

  2. the first 4 sentences are absolutely brilliant and true. Sentence 5…..you will never be poor, but……you have the ability to make a fortune writing with your incredible sense of humor. Really you could write a book about anything and make it tremendously interesting and funny…..ask anyone who reads the blog and I’m sure they all agree. It’s not about the content, it’s the way you write about the things that keeps us all completely enthralled. Write a book.

  3. I’m with Lew. Mattie, you’re a great writer. I think it runs in the family.

    Just don’t write a cook book, unless you title it “Delicious Meals for Ex-husbands and other Schmucks.”

  4. Some small things that are taken for granted by most of the people sound like revelations:) I am looking forward to buying a detergent other than Tide and it makes me dance a really happy dance:) And it makes me jubilant that he will NEVER taste my truly wonderful cooking:)

    • Lana, each time I get a comment from you I look at that post that you’re writing about and it takes me back to that time. Sometimes I think how far I’ve come and sometimes I think I haven’t come far at all because many of these feelings are still with me.
      I look at your facebook page and see what a full life you have and I know you’ll be just fine.

      • Thanks, Matty:) I go back and forth just like you. I think it’s because inherently both of us are kind and nice. My default setting is being nice, which is sometimes construed as weak (which I am NOT!) or taken advantage of. My husband is presently behaving as if I cheated and left the family (huh?) and cannot wait for the girls to find out the real story (huh?)
        One of these days I will be able to laugh about this period of my life and I promise I’ll make it to NYC so that we can have a cocktail and toast one another:)

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