130.If you want to crack up an 8 year old, throw some poop into the conversation.

I spent a lovely day with Julie and Violet.

We were having an adventure.

Our initial plans were lunch at Nathan’s and off to the Aquarium.

On the way there Violet was talking about her teachers, Rachel and Emily.

I said I was surprised that kids called their teachers by their first names.

So Violet asked  what we called our teachers. I said we always called our teachers Mrs or Miss.

That is except for my third grade teacher who asked us to call her Rose because her last name was Tushy.

Violet laughed all the way to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

I learned something important today.

Julie and I should keep our liquid lunches to ourselves. (They aren’t totally liquid . We do have salads).

When I got off the parkway in Brooklyn I saw a really nice diner and since it was getting late I suggested we eat there instead of Nathan’s.

Julie looked into the back seat at Violet who was wearing a huge dog hat and reading her book and asked her if that would be okay with her.

Without looking up she said “Well if you girls want cocktails with lunch we can eat here”

In case you’re wondering, no we didn’t have cocktails and we went to Target instead of the Aquarium.

Well it was about time the kid learned that you can’t believe everything someone promises you.

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