197. I think for dinner tonight I’ll have macaroni and cheese with no macaroni and no cheese

I was packing a bag of clothes and stuff for David to bring down to Liz.

She’s still in Santa Fe spending time with her father.

She was saying that she wished that she could have Rupert with her but we both knew that sending him down with David wasn’t an option.

First of all when it was even mentioned, David said something about hoping that Rupert wouldn’t mind traveling in the unpressurized underbelly of the plane.

Even if we could talk him into taking Rupert in the cabin with him Rupert would hate to be that close to David without the ability to bite him on the ankles.

Liz says she can’t imagine that she’ll be coming back for at least 3 weeks and even then it will only be for a few days.

She said unless I would miss him too much she would take him back then.

Sure I would miss him but the craziness in me would be much happier if he was gone. I’m the kind of loony that lets another person’s dog tie me down.

I hate to leave him alone. I plan my outings so that I don’t leave him more than once a day, mainly because I can’t bear to see him flatten himself against the wall in grief .

That’s why if I ever got another dog of my own it would have to be so small that I could hide it in my pocketbook.(that’s an old lady term like beauty parlor)

Today is the beginning of the holiday weekend. So far no luck at renting my Montauk house.

I was going to go up to Stephanie’s today but it was too rainy this morning. Naturally it’s lovely out now.

I decided to get back into my swimming routine. I went to the pool. The naked lady was there drying her hooch and all was right with the world.

It felt so good to swim again that I went to the health food store on my way home and  picked up a sandwich for lunch. If you’re wondering what kind you’re out of luck. I have no idea.

The label tells you what it isn’t but not a word about what it is.

It’s eggless and sugarless and gluten free, I’m assuming lion free and shoe free.

Oh yeah and taste free.

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