253. This morning I put on my big girl shoes.

I keep saying that I have to pin down what to do with the pension for both dave and  myself. It’s keeping me awake nights and making me shake during the day.

Neither one of us have ever made these kinds of decisions.

All my life either my father or my brothers in law helped with any financial choices dave and I made so this falling on my shoulders is extremely hard for me.

I keep asking questions but I don’t always know the questions to ask and I frequently don’t understand the answers. I don’t have one person to tell me what to do.

At Liz’s suggestion, I wrote myself a letter this morning.

I’ve determined that I only have two choices. I wrote down what they are and what I need to know to chose that option. Then I wrote to both the people who would have the answers.

As long as they write something that I understand I will make my decision next week. Only then can I start my new life.

I think I feel better already, that is if none of the answers have the word “lizard” in it.

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