338. If your name isn’t Eileen Fisher with a free pair of pants don’t bother reading this.

I am taking to the airwaves to ask for help. Are these airwaves? Anyway you know what I mean.

My life before dave started dating frequently consisted of shopping with friends, Susan, Ronnie, my sister.

Since he left I only bought one item.  That’s ONE item in over a year.

It was a pair of Eileen Fisher pants. In black (surprise surprise). They were the perfect pants.(I keep wanting to call them slacks.)

They were more money than I could afford so I only wore them for good.

They were supposed to be the coup de something of my outfit the other night but when I got dressed they were no where to be found. I had to wear everyday black pants.  I know you’re saying big deal, black pants are black pants.

Well maybe to the untrained eye but take it from me. If I had worn the good ones my outfit would have been “off the hook” as the kids say. As it was I was only “attractive”.

All day yesterday I searched. Since every item in my closet is black that wasn’t easy. I emptied my drawers, I combed my closet. Nothing.

And don’t say I could have missed them in all that black. This is what I do. I know they couldn’t have walked off by themselves although they were so fine they might have.


BTW don’t start bitching because this blog is boring. This is for the greater good. Mine. Would you call an Amber Alert boring? I didn’t think so.

6 thoughts on “338. If your name isn’t Eileen Fisher with a free pair of pants don’t bother reading this.

  1. OMG!!! Dumped-schmumped!!!!…….Now I really feel for you!!! Missing your favorite black pants is truly tragic!!! I’m going to pray to the “black pants Gods”. Sometimes it works!!!

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