406. Your word is your bond unless it isn’t

It’s Sunday morning.

I woke up to the sound of bagel hitting my door.

I was busy packing. I’m going up to visit my sweet sister with Julie, Violet and the three dogs, one of which vomits in moving vehicles. I don’t know which one because when I turn around three black and white faces stare at me with a “Who Me?” expression.

I had just realized that a shirt I had washed and wanted to take with me was still damp so since the bagel signaled that David was awake I emailed him asking if I could use his dryer.

I got his answer which was “NFW” and I grabbed my shirt, coffee and bagel and went over to his house. He was feeling really generous today because along with the bagel he had left his new issue of “Varmint” in front of my door.

I won’t even start about how disgusting that magazine is but I will say that David isn’t all bad. The dryer door was open for me.

We sat on his terrace drinking coffee and shooting the breeze. I mentioned that his son had asked me to come along with David to his house for drinks and then dinner last night but I had to decline because I already had plans with Julie.

He said he always cancels any plans if something better comes up.

My answer was that that was one way dave was a better person than he is.

If dave took a job and a more lucrative offer came up, he never cancelled the first one.

I told him a story that I’ve always been very proud of.

dave and I were traveling through Italy when we decided to go to Taormina which is a long train trip from where we were. dave called and the man from the hotel said he had one room that he would save for us.

“You are definitely coming, Mr Matthews?”

dave assured him he was.

On the way I looked up the hotel and it didn’t have a very good review.

“Let’s go somewhere else” I said.

dave, “I gave my word”

I sulked and carried on to no avail. He wouldn’t budge.

The hotel turned out to be lovely and the host had a tray of dinner waiting in our room but that’s beside the point, I explained to David, he kept his word.

David looked at me with disgust. “Yeah, he kept his word to a stranger but what was that thing about “Til death do us part?”

“Point taken. My shirt’s probably dry now.”

2 thoughts on “406. Your word is your bond unless it isn’t

  1. Great, Mattie!! love this. As usual. Just got back from Florida for two days. hope you have fun with Julie, Violet, the three dogs, and your sister. XOC C a r o l F r e d e t t e w w w . c a r o l f r e d e t t e . c o m

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