431. “Growing old is not for sissies”

That ice flow (floe?) I’m going to have to spend my final days  on is coming closer.

I bounced a check yesterday.  I have never done that before and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out how it happened. It turned out that I wrote a transfer in my bank book and never actually did it. That’s the kind of thing that dotty old ladies do.

Fortunately the person that received the bad check was very kind and forgiving. I was almost crying and he probably thought I would go over the edge any second and his only shot at getting me to make that check good was if he talked me off the ledge.

That’s not giving him his due though. He was really sweet when I called.

This is an example of when I could have used dave. If he were here he would have made that phone call.

We had a deal that if either of us had a call that we dreaded making, the other one would do it, no questions asked.  The pact couldn’t be called if we were just lazy. It had to be a willies type of thing.

I couldn’t wait for David to come home last night so I could tell him what happened to me.

Naturally he couldn’t care less because as he said “He was dodging shit all day”. For some reason indifference is calming to me and  I went home feeling better.

Obviously I didn’t give him any comfort because he called me later and asked me to meet him in the hall with my Halloween candy.

Buying that candy was the biggest mistake of my life. I got it at Costco so you  know how big that bag is. Since I’m on a budget I try to cut corners where I can so even though the little trick or treaters wouldn’t be knocking on my door for a few weeks, I bought this bargain vat of candy.

Probably by October 31 there will only be one Twixt and a Snickers wrapper left.

Even though I keep it at the back of my linen closet I still know where it is.

I forget everything else, why can’t I forget that?



8 thoughts on “431. “Growing old is not for sissies”

  1. I think I’ll be on that same ice flow as you Mattie. Made a lunch date recently with a friend I hadn’t seen for years and totally forgot about it until I rec’d an email from her a day after the missed luncheon. So embarrassing! She was sweet about it and I’m glad that your friend was as understanding about the cheque.

  2. You can’t forget the candy, because it is important, feeling safe, happy and comfortable! Which do you like best, snickers, twixts, swedish fish, butterfingers, baby ruth(ah baby ruth!), good and plenty?? I want to know, tell me!!! I sent Max a college care package of Halloween candy, My homemade Black Beans and banana bread! (I made sure the beans were rock solid frozen before I sent them priority 2nd day mail). Mattie have a fun Halloween:)

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