451. My New Year Ode

It’s New Years Day.

I had quite a New Years Eve. I went down to Times Square to rock in 2014. The good thing about not being married any more was that I was able to kiss anyone I wanted. And I didn’t miss a cop.

Even though it was really cold and really crowded it didn’t interfere with my two block tap dance.

Ah who am I kidding. A little “Murder SheWrote” and I was sawing logs at 9:30.

I woke up during the night and decided to list of all the things I’m thankful for.

1. My family;  of course I have to say that because if I say my real favorite thing which happens to be TV the world will look down on me. But it does show how much I love my family because I’m going up to Steph’s house next week to mind her animals and she doesn’t have cable.

2. My friends. (see above)

3. Elvis:  Now this is a leap of faith.Sure he’s good looking but he could turn out to be a real prick.

4. New York City: And not why you think. It’s because we elected Bill DeBlasio as our new mayor. Already from the get go I can see that this guy is going to drive David nuts. Maybe he’ll get off Obama’s back this year..

5. That politician from Toronto because he actually chastised the  press for saying he was eating some woman’s pussy (his words) because he’s married and he has plenty to eat at home.

Well that’s it folks. Thanks for sticking with me this year. I hope you all get at least 6 of the things you wish for in 2014,


11 thoughts on “451. My New Year Ode

    • What a lovely thing to say. Actually Julie and I both said that we are grateful for Twitter because we’ve made friends that we may never meet that we really care about and care about us. That’s a nice thing to have when you get lonely. Have a wonderful year, Paula. You’re one of my treasures.

  1. My wish is that I hope you know how loved and adored you are: even IF Elvis turns out to be a prick. Happy New Year. You are a treasure. Xx Claudia

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