453.Elvis and God

It’s official. I am even boring myself with this cat stuff.

I’m  on the internet all the time trying to select the perfect food for Elvis. If I guess wrong it says he may get crystals and since I know nothing about cats and have never seen a crystal he’ll probably die of them because I won’t see the symptoms.

It will be weeks before he gets here and I’m already in a state.

Speaking of Tom Cruise. I saw Rock of Ages last night. Even though Tom is a Scientologist, has a crazy laugh and probably hates Jews, since seeing him in that movie I would consent to marry  him. After all it’s not like I’m committed  to that Jew thing anyway. Other than an occasional “oy vey” it doesn’t really play a big part in my life.

And except for that time they put rattlesnakes in non believer’s mail boxes,and I believe that they hardly ever do that any more, Scientology doesn’t seem any more strict than say the New York Library. I could do Scientology Light.

Plus you may remember that I’m a rebel. I’ve stepped out of my religious comfort zone before. True, it had disastrous results but that’s because he was a Methodist. You know how crazy those people are.

We had a big snowstorm here. David is coming back from Santa Fe tonight and I was going to pick him up at Newark Airport tonight but I changed my mind because, as I told him;

1. It will be dark

2. It will be icy

3. I’m old

4. He sucks.

7 thoughts on “453.Elvis and God

  1. You will love your pussycat so much. I adore mine. I also love dogs….I love them all! Good luck with Elvis…He will love you so much.

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