785 Dog Day Afternoon

When you get a pet from the pound you never know what they’re thinking.

Yesterday I took Raymond back up to Stephanie’s.

It’s paradise for any dog I’ve ever known. She has land and dogs and cats and donkeys and horses and she serves lunch to her pet guests.

Even though Ray did a lot of crying last time we went there I figured that now that he knows the place, he won’t be scared.

It was a good sign that when we got to the car he jumped right in but as soon as I started driving he began to fidget. He never sat down the entire way and did plenty of crying.

When we arrived he jumped out of the car and walked around. He spent the day looking kind of sad, until lunch that is. He likes his meals.

He played with the girl dog occasionally but mostly he just walked around looking sad and crying, not constantly but enough to let me know that there was something lacking.

I said to Steph “Doesn’t he know I saved him?”

She answered, “Maybe he thinks you “took” him”.

The only time he perked up was when I went to the car to leave. He jumped in but then he cried most of the way home.

When we got home he was his old happy (well not sad) self. He snuggled up against me and went into a sound snoring sleep.

After all it’s very tiring to fuck up a day in the country.

4 thoughts on “785 Dog Day Afternoon

  1. My first rescue was totally freaked the first time I put him in the car. I think they have the feeling that your are going to dump them again and they get scared, plus if they are puppy mill dogs they don’t understand grass, trees and friends.

  2. If his carrier is big enough, try putting Raymond in it for the car ride. Sometimes dogs are insecure in a moving vehicle and feel safer in a smaller space. You remember how Rupert would have a hard time settling down some times. : )

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