787. Well I’ve finally entered Crazy Old Lady Land

Before I start writing I’m going to show you an adorable photo of my pets taking a nap because that’s what I want you to remember after you read this.

boys taking a nap

Now some history. I’ve always been a little strange, ask anyone in my family. Actually that doesn’t have anything to do with what I’m going to say.  I think I’ll start again.

I hate being bored.

Walking a dog is kind of boring so I always  bring a book and read while I walk. I had a dog for 14 years, Harry, and I read while I walked him. I have excellent peripheral vision. I never bump into anything.

I did get somewhat of a reputation in my neighborhood as the girl who’s always reading on dog walks. Clearly it isn’t something that a lot of people do.

Anyway now that I have Raymond I’ve picked up my old habit.

I’m reading a particularly good book now, a mystery by Karin Slaughter so when Ray nudged me to go out I was happy to do it.

Out we went, up 58th street to Second Avenue then downtown to 57th Street. At the corner of 57th and Second I had to look up from my book because we were planning on crossing the street when the light changed.

While we were waiting I happened to glance down at my feet. It seems I was wearing two different shoes.

I decided to cut the walk short and return home. I was really unnerved.

The only thing that made me feel better was that at least the two shoes were so similar that only the most attentive passerby would notice.





18 thoughts on “787. Well I’ve finally entered Crazy Old Lady Land

  1. 😂

    Have a good friend who taught kindergarten for 30 years, she always wore different shoes to teach her little darlings right from left. You were just instructing Raymond, weren’t you? wink, wink

      • On our way from Dallas, Texas. A wondrous place where global warming is regarded as a myth, fracking a gift from God (with the help of a few smart, good old boy Texans) gun ownership is not only tolerated, but strongly supported by people of all races, gender and sexual orientation.

  2. Honest to God, I’m walking Max and reading this from my phone as I try not to drop it shoo-ing away the darn deer flies as I go. The pic of the boys napping is adorable and your miss-matched shoes…hilarious! Been there but only in slippers and never on a New York City street 🙂

    • Oh HAAAA! Sooo funny Mattie. I once had a friend who was a stew for USAirways and she had a 5:30am flight. She was trying to hurry getting dressed in the dark and she accidentally put on two different shoes. Both were navy but different heel heights. She said she had to hobble around like that all day. Just thought I’d share. I once was having my breakfast waiting for my underwear in the dryer and forgot and left the house in a skirt!

  3. I think Crazy Old Lady-Land is a fine destination! Think of it as a resort, like Disneyland. I have one foot in it now, and it has a house-slipper on it.

  4. The boys are precious; they are obviously content & happy. Really nice shoes btw, but that pedicure is to die for! I had a doctor many years ago. “Horse doctor”-type. I didn’t mind his grandson bringing a piglet into the office on occasion (I greatly appreciate eccentricity, especially my own) however, he always wore mismatched shoes. It was a little unnerving whenever I went in for spinal cortisone injections. But, he was the best doctor I’ve ever had. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Okay I’ve been reading your blog for some hours now. I started at 473 and when I hit “Next” it came up 744. I have no idea why the leap in numbers. I suspect that a touch of dyslexia is lurking in your mitochondrial DNA but that’s a future, in-person discussion that should be fueled by refreshing beverages. Meanwhile the true reason for my comment is that after seeing the Mis-Matched Shoe Shot I got hysterical laughing and had to restrain myself for fear of upsetting my neighbors at 1:33 AM. I’m still laughing and wiping the tears from my eyes while shoving my bathrobe belt into my mouth. In other words, I swear undying fealty to you, Mattie.

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