789. A perfect circle

I’m always saying that Raymond seems to like everyone better than me.

When people come to visit he hops and jumps on them.

When I come home, nuthin’.

Well this morning something wonderful happened.

David sent me an email, “Coffee?”

This means come on over and sit on my terrace while I read aloud parts of the paper that insult Obama.

“Sure” I said, “My coffee will be ready in a minute but I’ll bring the boys over.” which I did.

Elvis casually sauntered over while Ray ran over and jumped around David trying to kiss him.

Then I went back to my house and got my coffee.

It was about 10 minutes until I returned.

When I did, Raymond was sitting on David’s lap looking tiny.

As soon as he saw me he jumped off and ran to me jumping and hopping.

That’s when I realized. Maybe he doesn’t get excited when I come home because he expects me to be there. When I left him alone at David’s, maybe he was afraid that I was going to leave him there just as he’d been left before.

I’m not worried any more. I know my dog  loves me as much as I loved him the moment Julie showed me the picture of of him in the pound.

death row



8 thoughts on “789. A perfect circle

    • I guess you haven’t read my whole blog. David is my dear friend Liz’s fiancé. He is just a neighbor and a friend. Also I found 2 guys who love and appreciate me, Elvis and Raymond.

  1. In the photo above, it looks like Raymond can do a special trick with his ear, like curling it into a ball! Then I realized it was an circular object on the wall. Even if he cant do that, I can see that he is a special doggy. Lucky are we to have critters in our lives, and I love to hear about yours! So much more gratifying than men.

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