799. Tick Tock

This morning I was telling Liz that my bathtub is clogged. I said that I was sheepish about mentioning it to the Super because I think that it’s Elvis’ fault and since he isn’t here anymore (something that makes me sad every day) I was going to have to take the blame for it.

You see my cat spent quite a bit of time sitting in the bathtub. Since he also spent a more than an equal amount of time in his litter box, sometimes litter would stick to his little paws and I believe that that is why the water won’t drain in my tub.

elvis bath

Liz told me that I won’t be able to unclog it myself because that stuff is like cement.

About a half hour ago I decided I’d have to try.

I took a plunger and though I got a good suction, not a drop of water went down.

I was just telling Raymond that he and I would have to go over to Home Depot and get some drain cleaner when my doorbell rang.

It was my Super. He wanted me to let some guy measure something on my terrace.

I took this as a sign from God.

“Lester, his name is Lester, I can’t believe it’s you.  I need help.” Then I went on to tell him the whole story apologizing for Elvis’ misdeed.

He followed me into my bathroom and watched while I reached over with my plunger and showed him how useless it was.

“See? it’s not helping at all. Will we need a snake?”

” I don’t think so. This might be why the plunger isn’t working” and he leaned over and flipped up the little switch that opens the drain. The water immediately went down.

I handled it the only way I knew how. I pretended I was dead.

As he was leaving he smiled and said “I’m telling people”.

NOTE: I am no longer writing clever adventurous anecdotes in this blog. Instead I’m tracing my inevitable steps towards senility.

ANOTHER NOTE: The picture of Elvis shouldn’t make you sad. He was loved. Not everyone can say that.

14 thoughts on “799. Tick Tock

  1. So sorry about Elvis. And um, I can totally relate. Less than a year after moving into our house (my first and husband’s first in the US), our basement flooded. Neither of us knew we had a sump pump. And not knowing that, neither of us knew there was a switch on the wall in the “off” position, that just needed to be flipped. Husband learned this upon going to our local hardware store to ask for advice. Kinda glad I wasn’t there.

  2. OMG, Mattie that same thing happened to your “wonderful, handsome, sweet, generous & caring” nephew and because we are ok with “names” out here in PDX, Barry! Not completely the same but close enough to question his brain (he is very smart too) but something was up with the drain etc and he asked me to call the plumber which I did and the plumber came out, did a little of this & that and than flipped the switch and Bingo! All was fine. So don’t feel bad and Elvis looks pretty innocent & cute in that tub, I miss him and never even got the privilege to meet him:(
    Love T

  3. Generally, I think cats like bathrooms as they are very clean. Cats are clean, not necessarily bathrooms. I mean they bury their feces, whereas I have to pick up my dogs’ poop, anyway, I digress. My 54 year old husband got out a ladder to clean the glass on our adjustable basketball goal and remarked how high the goal had been set. As I wondered why he hadn’t just lowered the backboard, I figured, “Hey at least I am not out there cleaning.” Let Mr. Magoo do things his own way. Then he loaded his big truck with hundreds of unused ceramic tiles to return to Lowe’s. He came inside, got my car keys and left for Lowe’s driving my compact car, leaving his truck in the garage. Did I mention, he is the “smart one”?

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