801. I gotta be me.

Last night my friend David took me to task for yesterday’s blog.

He said that using the word diarrhea and saying that my dog goes to sleep on my dining room table was disgusting.

Every time he made reference to it he scrunched his face up and shook his head as if he was trying to shake the memory out of his brain.

“I’m not surprised you didn’t get many comments. People were probably gagging when they read it.”

I’m wondering if I owe my readers an apology.

After all there is such a thing as too much information.

Then I remembered the source.

This is a guy who referred to my relatives (and I guess me) as “Christ killers”.

This was not in some kind of religious discussion but as in “Are you having all your Christ killer relatives for Thanksgiving?

But bodily functions offend him.

So I think I’ll just let it be.

BTW Raymond didn’t make a doody all day yesterday.

Too much rice I guess.


9 thoughts on “801. I gotta be me.

  1. My problem is not so much the bodily function but just the time between bodily function and ass on table!!!! He is sooo cute,….but just sayin’ !!!!

  2. You might ask him if his Nazi loving relatives will also be in attendance for Christmas. And dooty happens. I have also heard that pumpkin (for dogs) helps with DIARRHEA.

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