805. Give credit where credit is due

I was reminded that I forgot one very important thing.

Right after they moved out, the girl I was dealing with told me that the house was in good shape so they were expecting their full security back

I mentioned that to David saying that I was planning on sending it without inspecting the house since I couldn’t go out for a few weeks and because they were so trustworthy last year.

His response:  “That would be so stupid, even for you”.

I thought he was wrong but I figured it couldn’t hurt to listen to him.

I hate him a little less today.

4 thoughts on “805. Give credit where credit is due

    • When I told her she said that she hadn’t been there the last weekend but her friends were puzzled because they cleaned up.
      I sent some pictures but I wrote back all that was wrong and I haven’t heard back again. I’ll let you know Taura.

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