807. Tonight’s New Year’s Eve so Par-tay



Tonight is the beginning of Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.

I personally have been perfect  this year but in case I slipped up someplace my sister Marcia is fasting for me.

It is also Raymond’s first Yom Kippur. At least it’s his first Yom Kippur with me and though he started off pretty good he’s feeling quite at home now and frankly in the past few weeks he’s turned into a real prick.

Oh he’s going along with all the surface stuff like wearing the yarmulke without bitching but he still thinks who he is.

He’s not doing anything that could be considered a sin but he’s not the easy dog I thought I was getting when I saw that pathetic picture of him in the pound.

I’ve complained of his behavior on walks. If I don’t go exactly where he wants he stops and grips the ground until, after trying each direction, I hit on one he likes and he continues on. If I’m in a hurry or it starts to get dark, the outing turns into a dog drag. Not fun for anyone.

I mean I’m not going to make him fast or anything but only 5 pieces of cheese instead of his usual 8 should help him repent at least in the eyes of God.

As you know (being students of all religions), yahrzeit candles must be lit at sundown in memory of the loved ones we’ve lost.

I light them for my mother, Pearl, my father, Saul, my sister Iris and my other sister Phyllis. I miss them all terribly.

I just looked in my cabinet and saw that I only have 3 candles. I know you think I only need one more but I always light extra ones for my mother because I feel she’d want to make the other ghosts jealous.

So Shanah Tovah to all of you and thank you for reading my blog.

I wish all of you a happy and healthy new year.


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