818. The gift that keeps on giving.

We’ve all gotten gifts that stand out.

I don’t know why but a walking doll that my mother bought for me for my birthday that she kept on the floor of her closet is one of those. She let me play with it in her closet but nowhere else until my birthday.

Now I’m starting to think of a million gifts that I’ve loved, my niece Randy buying me a fish tank with fish in it when she was only about 11 years old. She used her own money.

Or the time I went shopping at Zabar’s with Julie right after dave left. I put about 10 things in my basket and then just left the basket because I didn’t have the energy to actually wait  on line and buy them.

My birthday came weeks later and Julie had gone back and bought me every one of those items and gift wrapped them.

I’ve gotten a lot of great gifts in my life, diamonds and such.

But I’m seventy and I don’t care about stuff like that so much any more, at least that’s what I’d like to think about myself.

Back to what I was trying to say from the beginning.

I’ve been wanting a trash can for my kitchen for months. I go and look at them and either they’re too expensive or too cheap or too big. Anyone who’s ever been in a New York City apartment can testify as to how small the kitchens are.

Remember I said Miss Liz and Rupert are back? Just  a quick photo to remind you how lovely they both are.



Well she obviously got tired of hearing me talk about my search and did something so sweet.

She bought me a garbage can that fits under the sink and is on a track so you can pull it out and dump stuff in it.

But that isn’t the best part of the gift. Liz can do anything. While her fiancé David couldn’t hang a picture without hitting his thumb and whining, she could build a house. I’m not kidding. She’s like a guy.

She came over with her drill and hammer and got down on the floor and installed it. She was just coming back from lunch at some private club and was all dressed up wearing high heeled boots. She didn’t even take off her jacket.

So now feel free to come over to my house for dinner. You won’t even have to finish everything on your plate because I have a wonderful place for your scraps.



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