826. Diary of a shitty day

Don’t anybody talk to me I’m in a really bad mood.

I was supposed to go to Brooklyn and play with my friend Susan today but it’s going to be bad weather, torrential rains and high winds and flooding. Seeing Sue is my favorite day too.

I tried to take Ray out so he could do his morning ablutions. I put his down jacket and hood on but when we got into the lobby he refused to go out. He just gripped the ground.

I picked him up and put him down by a tree but he was too much of a pussy to pee. There is no way he felt any rain on him since he was covered from head to toe. He ran back in the building.

When we got back upstairs I tried again on the terrace. No go.

rain 1

rain 2So not only am I not having fun with Susan, I’m going to be worried all day that he has to go to the bathroom.

Then as if I wasn’t low enough, my health insurance person called for the 100’th time telling me that they want to schedule a home visit.

Now let me tell you how I feel about that. I like to let sleeping dogs lie (there seems to be a theme to this post). I don’t go looking for trouble.

If I feel fine I don’t want anybody (namely a doctor) lookin’ at me so they can find something I didn’t know I had. And don’t be writing to say stupid things like “early detection”. I ain’t interested.

But this guy wouldn’t let up. He even said if I let someone come I get a $25 gift certificate. I will admit the Jew in me perked up at that but then I realized that I’d have to use the 25 bucks to get TV in the intensive care room that I’d be in when they discover that I have some rare something.

I finally folded. I said they could send someone. I’m already sorry.

I don’t know what I was thinking. They said the person will be here for an hour. I hate people I don’t know. I’m going to be nervous and yapping and saying crazy things because that’s what I do when I’m nervous.

They said it would be a nurse and his name is Doug Something.

They want me to have all my medications ready. I don’t have any medications except my crazy pills and Doug’ll figure that out after 5 minutes of my Jimmy Durante impression. No need to see the pills.

It’s only 9:32 a.m. and my day already sucks.

How’s by you?

10 thoughts on “826. Diary of a shitty day

  1. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO do not let this person up! No insurance company gives you a $25.00 friggin’ gift certificate! This is a complete and total scam. DO NOT DO IT. Hugs.

  2. Yeah, my Dr. doesn’t make house call so I got a letter telling me I hadn’t been in to see the Dr. and the same twaddle about Early Detection and being on top of my Health Concerns. I agree with you don’t ask, don’t tell, what you don’t know won’t hurt you and let that Dog sleep. I am not concerned about my health. Same Dr told me years ago my High Cholesterol would kill me within 6 months and well hell, still here.
    I figure I’m way ahead of the game.

  3. Hi! These home visit folks are 3rd party contracted nurses to make home visits to see if you are a health hazard. They want to know of any personal health concerns as well as check your home for health hazards such as animals to trip over, extension cords, poorly lit stairs, and uncovered light sockets. I consider it an invasion of privacy and none of their business. If it were my Doctor I would feel differently. But a 3rd party hired to give my Personal Doctor treatment advice is an insult to her and to me. And that’s the kind of hairpin I am! ……Love your blog!

  4. First the creepy *towel* guy from the past and now this! Maybe you should change your phone number. Seriously Mattie, sorry that your trip to Susan’s had to be cancelled but glad to read in the comments that all is right in Raymond’s world. Love his little jacket!
    I’m sure your health insurance visit will go just fine, hoping the gift certificate is for someplace fun and not for a pharmacy!

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