847. The End

I’m going out to Montauk today to make my house pretty so someone will rent it for the summer.

Julie and her boyfriend Dan are going with me. We will laugh and hop.

Ray is staying at home with his cousin Scott and Scott’s girlfriend Mary.

I haven’t mentioned that Ray sleeps in the master bed but I guess they’ll find out soon enough. He also likes to snuggle.

Miss Liz is back in New York and she’s using this opportunity to right all the wrongs that David and I have been doing without her guidance.

Her first night here she gave me a lecture on making a living will because my family loves me. She said that it will be hard for them to pull the  plug on me without trying to save me.

I realized that there was some truth to that for all of them except Stephanie who tries to cover my face every time I doze off. Actually Steph says she will take care of me even though she wouldn’t give me a happy day. I can accept that.

I kept meaning to send out a note about my wishes when as luck would have it my nephew Jimmy issued an email to the whole family suggesting that we all form a family fantasy baseball thing.

I “replied all” with

I’m in.
BTW now that I have you all together I want to ask you not to use any special means to keep me alive at the end of my days. I especially don’t want that thing down my throat.
Now I don’t mean if I’m getting something minor out. I mean something that will kill me.
I know I don’t have to tell Steph this but the rest of  you may think you’re doing me a favor trying to pull me through.
Now Go Yankees
 Julie immediately answered with:
Living will via fantasy baseball email thread. Sounds good.
I’m hoping this will replace my previous living will witnessed by my sisters, Marcia and Phyllis in 1991.
living will photo
You see when I made that the Channel 2 lineup was “Murphy Brown”  etc.
I’m more a Bravo girl now.

5 thoughts on “847. The End

  1. When I saw the post title I was afraid that you were giving up blog writing. God what a fright! Your living will with a “fantasy baseball email thread” is very funny but your original living will is freakin’ hilarious and I love that it was witnessed by your sisters.

  2. Put me, a non-conflicted and uninterested 3rd party in charge of pulling the plug. Certainly not one of your greedy relatives. Glad to be of assistance. When you kick, God forbid, the dog goes back to you know where.

    • Sorry! David knows he’s not allowed to comment. He’s in trouble. You will have to pick your executor very carefully in order to enjoy the correct channel line-up. I would suggest the Bravo network, until further notice.

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