863. Still sad but…

I keep looking at that picture of Lizzie and Rupe.  The expression on her face says it all. She knew that this was probably their last picture together.

I know how she felt. Every time she brought him home I’d give him extra hugs when he left because it was surely the last time I’d see him.

I started doing that sometime in early 2014 but that little bastard kept holding on.

Liz would bring him home and I’d open my door and Ray would run like crazy to her and Rupe would trudge down the hall towards me very slowly with his tail wagging a mile a minute.

We gave him a very good life.

When you are your lowest that’s when Cher (who I think is God) gives you a blessing.

I opened my twitter account this morning and who should be following me but Justin Timberlake.

I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

How did he hear of me? I had to think and think.

Was it through dave? After all, dave’s relationship with James Brown made him a big deal to obscure people.

But if that was it he would probably follow dave?

Maybe some of the other musicians who follow my blog mentioned how clever I am to him and he just had to see for himself.

I was stymied but proud.

I decided to email my show biz /facebook/twitter pro, Julie.

I know a lot of you people like her but let me tell you, she can be cruel. Not as mean as Steph, but definitely harsh.

I wrote “Justin Timberlake is following me. I wonder how he found me”

She didn’t even ask to see the proof.

“He didn’t”

“What do you mean?It had his picture on it”

“Look at the email address”

I looked. It was a little vague.

Resenting her terribly but trying not to show it I said “It had his picture and he’s following me and it’s real”

“Yeah, I’m sure Justin Timberlake has 300 followers.”

Justin, if you’re reading this come to my house like you did in that commercial and let’s show that bitch Julie that she doesn’t know everything.

Love, Mattie

2 thoughts on “863. Still sad but…

  1. Yes. And Little Richards nephew has been working for me for years.. But does he come into me restaurant? Nope. No autograph picture. zilch. The “days of our lives ” crew came once but I really wanted Little Richard!

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