876. If a pig is really pretty she doesn’t need lipstick

I have a very nice apartment.

I’ve been living here since 1976.

I never was really “house proud” but I think since dave left I’ve taken that casualness to a new low. My apartment needs painting. The ceilings in almost every room have at least a little spot that’s peeling and my dining room chairs need to be recaned badly.

Mostly only people I know well or are related to come to visit but I am having kind of strangers over in a few weeks.

I guess I could fix some of this stuff, like my chairs, but that would cost money. I have money but I’d rather spend it on other things. Things that make me happy. Fixing my chairs wouldn’t make me happy. It would just be the absence of noticing that they need fixing which only bothers me when new people come over.

And painting the place would probably mean that I have to do some preparation. I wouldn’t like that at all. And the walls look okay, it’s just the ceilings. And who looks up when they’re in someone’s house? I’ll tell you who. Nuts.

I was thinking of putting post it notes on the chairs and the peeling places saying that I CAN fix these things I just choose not to but when I mentioned that to Julie she told me that it was a crazy idea and I shouldn’t do it.

I don’t know why not. Isn’t it kind of a free speech thing?

Anyway she’s not the boss of me.



11 thoughts on “876. If a pig is really pretty she doesn’t need lipstick

  1. if you’re not going to be seeing them again just tell them you’re having your seats recovered, you’re looking at swatches. Actually, no one cares.

  2. “the walls look OK?” OMG!! I once again make an offer to supply the paint if you’ll supply the labor! Also the title of today’s blog is so wrong

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