878. It’s a shame I never had kids. I have so much to offer.

Well I’ve calmed down somewhat after yesterday’s trauma.

I’m still giving Ray the cold shoulder even though I did tell the doorman he could resume saying  “Hey Ray” when we go out. Yesterday no one was allowed to speak to him at all. You do the crime, you do the time.

As you know Julie is in Paris so I went to pick up Violet at writing camp yesterday and we had dinner together.

She’s not like any kid I’ve ever known. When she got in the car, before she put on her headphones to tune me out, I asked her what they were writing about in the class.

It seems that the girls were mostly writing romantic stuff and the boys were writing about space ships and zombies. Her story took place in an insane asylum but funny.

She really is Julie’s kid.

I’m glad to know that I’ve been able to put my own stamp on her though.

Over dinner she told me that there is a girl in her class that is “so fucking annoying”.

I was proud. She combined an air of superiority with a nice curse word. Not bad for an almost 12 year old young lady.

I just know Julie will be grateful.

Maybe I should open up some kind of finishing school. I could use the coins.


11 thoughts on “878. It’s a shame I never had kids. I have so much to offer.

  1. Good Morning Mattie!! I am so glad you wrote a little something about Violet, I was wondering how she is doing. That is so nice of you to help out while Julie is away, I can’t imagine being picked up from “writing camp” from anyone else than you!! She is one lucky girl:)

  2. You are truly a wonderful influence. My favorite example of “Aunt Mattie knows best” was when you and the girls (and come to think of it- Julie was there as well) experienced bad service at dinner and you expressed your dissatisfaction by writing a “colorful” note…on the bathroom stall door. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sadie happier.

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