886. Maybe I’m just too great for any one man.

Remember when I was complaining about not renting my house even though I joined Airbnb?

Well that’s because I never finished filling out the application. This is the kind of thing I’m doing more and more. Fortunately my niece Laura did it for me and requests are coming out of the woodwork.

Yep another thing I’ve got aced.

It’s really hard though. It’s like a full time job and you know I don’t  like that.

I have to let strangers sleep in my bed and pee in my toilet based primarily on how they look and let me tell you the pictures the young guys send are not them jerking off which is probably what they’ll be doing.  Most of them send their prom pictures.

And it’s not like I didn’t have to change myself to lure them in. I had a fabulous painting that my nephew Otis painted for me of a naked couple sitting on a couch with tan lines, the couple not the couch.

My friend Susan took it down and put it in the closet so as not to offend potentials.

I shouldn’t complain. I’m sure other hoteliers have to do the same thing, right Donald?

Ray has let me know that he doesn’t like dog food.

He prefers to eat what and when I eat.  This morning we had poached eggs on toast.

Later on my sister Marcia is coming and we’ll go to Costco before dinner. I noticed that Ray really likes fish so I’ll get some canned salmon.

It’s funny I shop around to find dog food that’s 10 cents cheaper and now I’m buying  him $5 salmon.

I’ve always  been a sucker for my dogs. When I was first married I remember making my dog Norman chicken and giving dave a grilled cheese sandwich.

One of the things this blog is bringing home to me is not the realization of why dave left me but why he stayed so long.


3 thoughts on “886. Maybe I’m just too great for any one man.

  1. Don’t take it all on yourself, Mattie. Odds are that you were similarly “quirky” before the marriage, and you only slightly “quirked” more over the years. He knew what he was getting.

    Could you have been a “better” (insert whatever measurement of better you desire) person during the marriage? Sure. But you were you. And that is who he knew he was getting.
    And he could certainly have been better too.

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