891. Mystery Solved

I called Stephanie this morning.

“Still no chicken?”


From the background Donna “Oh I found the chicken”

muffled conversation and Steph says “I’ll let Donna tell you.”

“When I looked at the chicken that was in Steph’s refrigerator I thought it was the chicken I bought but when I got home I found my chicken in my refrigerator.”

Here’s a list of who I hate.



Steph’s dog Lucy who sat on Ray’s head.

Thank you

9 thoughts on “891. Mystery Solved

  1. OMG, after reading “A Mystery” I went for my morning walk thinking about the Chicken and how could you be blamed for a F—ing chicken, I tried to think of where it could be or if they were messing with you, I even thought that maybe one of those dogs (not Ray) opened the refrigerator and got it and ate the whole thing! Now I am back and so happy to read the case solved and no surprise as to who is at fault, NOT YOU! And I am glad I am not on that “list”

    PS Ricky how dare you!

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