940 A City Mouse Visits a Country Mouse.

As I’ve always said any time with my sister Marcia is a real treat.

I prefer her coming to the City but every once in awhile I have to go to see her where she lives in Upstate New York. (READER: the word “Upstate”is very important. Think “Arkansas”)

I chose this weekend because I wanted to see my brother in law  Paul who was performing at a soirée given by a lovely woman who invites as many as 40 people to her home to dine and  hear music.  Anyone who chooses can get up on stage and do his or her thing and several people do.

Paul has always been funny but at the age of 80 he discovered that he could sing and that soiree has been his monthly gig for the past year or so. He tells jokes and finishes up with a couple of songs. He has fun and the crowd loves him.


My sister is not much like me. Which is why she chose to live in the country. I am strictly City Girl but I love her so much that I’m willing to brave the dangers of her town to be with her.

I wasn’t there for 15 minutes when I was attacked by a snake. When I say attacked I mean one slithered past me. Try not getting the vapors after something like that.

Ray was not happy there. Mainly because my sister has two dogs, Vinnie and Sally, that have the idea that any dog  visiting should welcome licks and hugs.

Ray is not a dog’s dog. He tried ignoring them.  After all he was a guest. When that didn’t work he snapped and got up on a chair.

Since for some odd reason those dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture they couldn’t find him there.

This chair thing became quite an issue. Not only the dogs, but Marcia and Paul sat wherever they pleased without having the good grace to see if the space was occupado.


In spite of the abuse that Ray suffered we had quite a nice time. He was proud that in just a few short days he trained my brother in law to say nothing when he was fed steak under the table during dinner.

Now if Marcia and Paul could just get the chair thing right he’d have been a happy camper.



5 thoughts on “940 A City Mouse Visits a Country Mouse.

  1. Love hearing about you & Ray visiting the Country with family! Sounds like a very fun time and I know you & Ray are probably happy to be back in the City!!
    Miss you so much – Love T

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