952. I may have a new friend

I go to physical therapy twice a week because my knees aren’t great.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re lovely, they just don’t do everything I want them to do without my screaming.

My therapist is named Ricky. He and I have a very unusual relationship.

I guess it started when I told one of my mean jokes and he was the only one who laughed.

We speak about racism and ageism more honestly than I’ve ever spoken to anyone.

He’s biracial. I know that’s the proper term because when I used the word mulatto to describe someone he cringed and told me never to say that again. I thought I was being politically correct.

I just found out he’s 30 which is such a stupid age to be but he was a winner on Jeopardy so I guess he’s smarter than his years.

I’ve always considered myself a real free thinker and somewhat of a militant in my youth but after spending all this time with him I figured out that what I was was a militant coward.

I demonstrated plenty but as soon as I realized that I could get hurt I laid low. I love all my brothers and sisters but not enough to get a boo boo.

I used to dread physical therapy because who likes being bent in ways that your bones don’t want to go but I look forward to it now because I’m at least guaranteed a few laughs.

I just had an epiphany.

I think Donald Trump obliterated racism in a large part of this country. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an “us or them” country but the “them” has changed.

Oh yeah, by the way, PLEASE VOTE

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