954. Our Vacation Part two

We’re in Positano.

This is a land of hills and even the pool is a million flights down but we made it because like our forefathers who fled across the desert to escape the Pharoah, we like to take a dip in the afternoon.

So Marcia goes in the pool first. I notice that she’s chatting with someone. It seems that this man and his family are going to Capri, the place we just left.

Here’s what’s odd about her speaking to this guy. We don’t let anyone talk to us. I’m surprised to see her yapping away. I go in the pool and drift over to her.

She’s telling him about this great restaurant that we ate at in Capri.

“It was the best restaurant I’ve ever eaten in” I hear her say.

“You will never eat a better meal” she continues.

Stupid me, I interject, “You don’t know that Marcia. He may eat gourmet meals all the time”

Marcia answers me with a sort of sneer “The man is from Minnesota ”

Now I know that like myself, my sister believes that the USA is a vast wasteland between New York and California but  i really try not to let the middle of the country know that I think that 90% of them are married to a close relative. Not so Marcia.

The guy spent the rest of the conversation dropping international places he’s visited trying to get a bit of respect back from Sis.

Yep We’re making friends left and right.

2 thoughts on “954. Our Vacation Part two

  1. Better not to talk to anyone! Never know what weirdos you can run into. Maybe robbers and rapists! Be Safe, ๐Ÿ˜… Ronnie

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