995. Here’s why I’m anxious today

On Tuesday my sister and I are taking our yearly trip to Italy.  I love my sister so much and it is the only time we do whatever we want to do without thinking about anyone else.

That is not what’s bothering me. Here goes.

While I’m away my Super’s family is minding Debbie.


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but Debbie has some quirks.

  1. She growls
  2. She’s known to nip at people.
  3. Did I say nip? Replace that with bite.

I’m really worried about the family.

I know that after a short time she will accept them and be her own sweet self but I really love these people.

What if she kills them?

Then there’s Debbie’s emotional state.

She’s only been here a few weeks. She’s just starting to feel at home.

I keep thinking that her other family that had her for her first seven years dumped her in a kill shelter.

I’m afraid she’ll be so sad when I’m gone.

What if she hides and they can’t find her


But I’m feeling a little better because I had a very stern talk with her and I think she’ll behave.

3 thoughts on “995. Here’s why I’m anxious today

  1. Debbie’s going to be very sweet and make new buddies and then she’ll eat them right before you arrive home!

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